Location Belo Horizonte, MG
Grantee 2018
Attended areas Education and Culture

Embaixadores da Escola

Fostering leadership in children for them to be agents of change in their schools and communities

Embaixadores de Minas works in public schools to promote leadership in children and youth through educational entrepreneurship. The initiative, led by public school alumni, has developed a methodology that uses games to empower students as agents of change in their schools, in their communities, and with their families.

The initiative guides students through an innovative journey to Groups of students design together a different social technology to be applied in their school. The innovative and methodological journey aims to measure the proportion of times to concrete.

The project proposes to train youth between the ages of 18 and 26 as “multipliers” to facilitate and disseminate the methodology, which will enable the initiative to spread to more schools. The youth will design, lead and execute their proposals, with the objective of improving their schools.

With support from BrazilFoundation, Embaixadores de Minas will:

• Train 20 new multiplying agents;
• Apply their methodology in 10 schools;
• Organize transformative task forces in each school;
• Mobilize the community, parents and employees;
• Hold immersion activities to improve the methodology.


Children and youth as agents of change in their schools
Entrepreneurial education for students of public schools
Youth “multipliers” bringing the methodology to 10 schools

“In a country with such a thirst for solutions and ideas, amplifying this social technology is urgent and necessary.” – Embaixadores de Minas team

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