Location Icapuí, CE
Grantee 2017
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Tecendo a Arte da Cidadania

Strengthening and Expanding New Women’s Groups to Increase Income Generation

Icapuí is a costal town of 20,000 where fishing is the main source of income. The women residents, whose husbands spend most of their time at sea, are faced with the difficult task of caring for their families and homes alone while also needing to provide income. The majority of these women are farmers, algae harvesters, shrimp fishermen, artisans or housewives.

Fundação Brasil Cidadão has had a presence in Ceará since 1996, implementing innovative projects in education, culture and technology, taking advantage of the environmental wealth to create a better quality of life for communities. Many of the working groups that it has created integrate networks and associations of family farmers who seek to increase their income potential and to create sustainability mechanisms.

With support from BrazilFoundation, FBC proposes to:

• Acquire equipment and materials for tending gardens, harvesting algae, producing essential oils, beekeeping and cooking;
• Hold art and community eco-tourism workshops;
• Facilitate 3 exchanges for training in leadership, financial management and business planning;
• Participate in local and regional fairs to sell goods.


40 women and their families impacted
Women’s unions and organizations strengthened
Autonomy and economic independence for women

“The project intends to expand its innovative social technologies and strengthen its leaders to boost the potential of its network of women.” – Leinad Carbogim, FBC Coordinator

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