Location Campina Grande, PB
Grantee 2017
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Temperart – Cooperativa de Temperos Gourmets com Arte

Income Generation for Women Through the Production of Organic Herbs and Seasonings

The Northeast region of Brazil has suffered strong droughts over the past few years, putting economic and social strains on the rural population, especially those who are most vulnerable. Fundação Pedro Américo has worked for 13 years in the Campina Grande region, contributing to the sociocultural development of the state and creating income generation opportunities together with local women villagers. Their work focuses on the solidarity economy and cooperatives.

The TemperArt project produces organic seasonings with special mixtures and creates innovative recipes without any artificial ingredients. The project faces no competition in the formal market, and aims to form a cooperative of women from the settlement who will have their spices marketed at fairs and in the city’s food trade.

With support from BrazilFoundation, The TemperArt will aim to offer:

• Training for women to learn how to plant and produce the seasonings;
• Business plan execution strategies;
• A workshop about Cooperativism and the Solidarity Economy;
• Participation in fairs and markets.


Income generation for 30 women
Supporting the local sale of seasonings
Strengthening Solidarity Entrepreneurship

“The seasonings are sold by the project participants, and they want to offer a unique, high quality product at an affordable price.” – Pedro Américo Foundation Team

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