Location Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Grantee 2018
Attended areas Education and Culture

Jovens campeões

Using sport to promote the social inclusion and development of children and youth

Curupaiti is one of the formerly isolated colonies of people afflicted with leprosy, located in Tanque, the western zone of Rio de Janeiro. It was founded in 1929 to house people who were forcibly hospitalized through the 1970s. Curupaiti currently suffers from stigma due to the disease and violence that expose youth to crime.

Grupo Cultura Urbana creates socialization opportunities for students in this community through sports. Through sports, students learn how to compete while maintaining respect for their rivals, which teaches skills ​​such as sportsmanship, cooperation, self-improvement, motivation and self-control. These skills are fundamental to the educational and personal development of children and youth.

The organization aims to use sport as an instrument to keep youth away from crime and drugs, which are a constant problem in the communities of Rio de Janeiro.

With support from BrazilFoundation, the Grupo intends to:

• Hold educational, cultural and socio-environmental activities;
• Offer psychological support to strengthen self-awareness in students;
• Offer soccer classes;
• Encourage the youth’s participation in sports championships.


Impacting children and youth in situations of high social vulnerability
Personal and intellectual development
Goal to decrease school dropout rate

“This is more than a project, it’s a path for social transformationl.” -Grupo Cultura Urbana team

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