Location Santos, SP
Grantee 2017
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Guerreiros Sem Armas

Utilizing an Award-Winning Method to Foster Leadership and Community Engagement

Instituto Elos coordinates the program Guerreiros sem Armas, a training course on leadership and social entrepreneurship where communities and participants receive support for building long-term projects. The Program operates in three low-income communities in the metropolitan Santos region that lack basic infrastructure, sanitation services and garbage collection, and are faced with extreme poverty.

Based on collaborative processes and appreciation for existing social capital, Guerreiros sem Armas proposes to strengthen community protagonism and local development based on reflections and collective solutions to build concrete results for the community.

With support from BrazilFoundation, Guerreiros sem Armas intends to:

• Train entrepreneurs to work in the communities and for the communities;
• Empowering groups of 10 to 20 community leaders;
• Promote three projects that will be undertaken in public spaces in each community;
• Mobilize 500 residents to carry out participatory actions.


Training community leaders
Fostering local protagonism and engagement programs
Valuing local social capital

“When the community potential materializes, local trust is strengthened.” – Elos Institute Team


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