Today is Giving Tuesday!

30 de November de 2021 • Published in Campaigns

Today is Giving Tuesday!

Come join us on this very special day of generosity and commitment to Brazil. Today, thousands of Brazilians need your support and your donation.

By donating to BrazilFoundation, you are helping us invest in social initiatives with proven impact that promote social justice in Brazil, providing access to healthcare, education, employment, income and food for those who need it most. It is the support of people like you, dreamers of a more just Brazil for everyone, that makes BrazilFoundation happen.

Choose to make a monthly donation and multiply your impact.

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Giving Tuesday is a movement that happens all over the world and invites all of us to get closer to social causes and, of course, to donate! Since the beginning of the pandemic, the importance of the work of social initiatives in Brazil has become even more evident, as they immediately mobilized to assist the families that suffered most from the pandemic.

In addition to the humanitarian support we are carrying out in 2020 and 2021, our job is to strengthen and promote social organizations that provide access to health, education, employment, income and food to those who need it most.

Together, we will work to ensure that all Brazilians have equal opportunities to live healthy and prosperous lives.